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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  July 7, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> hot and humid conditions gave way to evening thunderstorms. with the wind and rain, it was strong enough to stop this trade just about in half. we begin with our 11 insta- weather report. all that has prompted a flood warning for parts of our area. the storm started at 5:30 p.m. and seemed to hover over baltimore county. also nickel sized hail. we have more on the damage left behind in dundalk. >> folks are here -- out here say they did not hear too much noise. when they come outside they saw scatteredo raisdebris all over the area. >> it is a cloud of dust. it fell on the bed. >> a heaping mounds of winter in the bedroom. she had no idea the downpour
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would leave her without a place to sleep. >> he goes, i same thing. we ran out and when that is when the ceiling fell down. >> you could not see much downside because the rain was big. all you could see as the chunks everywhere. >> heavy rain and hail and strong wind. it knocked out power to a large vicinity. we have to be old apartment buildings. >> that is all water damage done from flooding. my whole apartment is flooded. my children's room is flooded. my daughter has a lung disease and the air is humid. >> from snapped trees to terrible driving conditions. leaving its mark all over the dog. back at four seasons corte, orange notices were declared -- posted to declare these buildings unsafe. other residents must deal with power outages. >> i was scared.
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my children, we are flooded. there's no lights or electricity. >> the red cross is helping families find a dry place to stay tonight. >> we have to worry about that ridiculing. >> some spots are flooded and heavy rain continues in parts of the region. lightning strikes with a bigger thunderstorms that have been developing. those lightning strikes continue to indicate we're not done with the rain just that. heavy storms trekking through the area. the big storm there on the north side of town. it will be heading up to the northeast heading through baltimore county into parts of hartford county. -- harford county. watch for big storms. you see the problem here. the thunderstorms are loaded with moisture.
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and the northern tip of anne arundel county. that means the weather service has issued a flood warning. southern baltimore city and north anne arundel and eastern howard county under that warning for a few more minutes. more storms in the forecast tomorrow. we will check that out in a few minutes. >> as soon as the storm hit, viewers grab the closest camera and started taking pictures. these were some of the photos sent. we will get the latest forecast from tom in a few minutes. late breaking news concerning casey anthony. florida officials added four more days to her prison term. she will not be released sunday, july 17, instead of next wednesday. the judge sentenced her to the maximum four years in prison. one year for each count of lying. considering the time she has
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served, 10 more days in prison. in addition to a fine, the state of florida wants to be reimbursed for its investigation and a company that helped search to the tune of $100,000 once anthony to pay. she was not considered missing until her grandmother called police. nancy jacobs is proposing a bill that would make it a fad -- if boley not to report the death of their child. >> sometimes it takes a tragedy like this for that awareness to be raised. what if people were looking more strongly at the issue of child abuse, the death of a child, murdering a child. >> the republican state senator said she came to the decision after receiving dozens of e- mails from her harvard in cecil county constituents. there is another turn in the es murder.barnefelicia barns
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as part of an investigation into a case involving child pornography and sexual exploitation of a minor. officers -- the teen disappeared last december while visiting family in the baltimore area. her body res recovered from the susquehanna river in april. the man charged with murdering his pregnant girlfriend and daughter are -- is in the custody of police. brian eggleston killed felicia avery and her daughter. the arrest warrant was served today. they were ready for the release on an unrelated charge. tonight we're learning more about those arsons in baltimore county. we told you about the last
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evening. more than half a dozen fires were set in the edge of your area. as barry simms explains, this community has been burned by arson before. >> most of the damage to this minivan happened inside. the smoke covered windshield and burned a driver's seat evidence of arson. her family heard a loud boom around 4:00 a.m. sunday morning and she found her husband's work a ban on fire. >> it was so scary. >> what they did not know until after firefighters arrived is that there kia sorrento was on fire. the family worried the flames would extend to their home. >> it was a fire and potentially could have caught our house on fire. my kids were inside. >> another car and the stumpf tour was set on fire along with
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two sheds located on sparrows point road. the flames damaged the car repair station's roof. he got his tenant next door to leave and he used a fire extinguisher until firefighters arrived. no one was injured. >> where concerned in this situation where the building with residence inside was set on fire. >> fires have been set in dumpsters and unoccupied houses for the past three months. on june 12, this house was heavily damaged. firefighters say the cause is undetermined. the earlier fires were scattered but they're looking for possible links to the cluster of fires that happened sunday. now, they have no suspects. >> we believe one individual or group is in davitt -- is responsible. we believe there connected. >> investigators have no
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suspects. mr. crimestoppers is offering an award for up to $2,000 for information that may lead to an arrest. the number is 1 - 866 -7lockup. >> now to our commitment 2011 report. the mayor picked up another endorsement and it is not sitting well with one of her opponents. the entered denominational ministerial alliance through thsupports her. katherine pugh released a statement. succumbed to backward -- backroom deal making."
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they have held candid it forms before making an endorsement. the alliance said it decided to support her in june of last year. in the middle of a dramatic walk out. the nfl takes another hit. john mackey passed away today after a decade-long battle with dementia. we have more on how he is being remembered. >> he was the colt's legend my father spoke of so fondly. a gentle giant. he was a role model before athletes decided they did not want the extra burden. here is where he last -- left a lasting legacy. >> revolutionized, redefined, and one over. words and phrases to describe what john mackey meant. 38 times he reached the end zone
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by bludgeoning his opponents. he appreciated how john mackey dominated the game. >> when he caught the ball, the show started then. he could go with it. he also was a tremendous teammate. he had a great positive attitude. or real personable guy with a great personality. he was not selfish and that was a hallmark of the team. >> he took up the fight for the players' union. laying the groundwork for today's life changing salary. the current president said john mackey is still a leader. he led the fight for fairness with brilliance and ferocious drive. that is what made the last decade of his life intolerable. he suffered from dementia. >> the injuries, sometimes the end a career but the last four
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lifetime. one of the things that comes to mind is nancy reagan wrote that when president reagan was suffering from alzheimer's, it is a long goodbye. and i think the family can testify. it has been 10 years of a very long goodbye. >> his presence will be felt. there was his induction speech in 1992. >> that makes me feel good when i look over there and i see fans want you to know i love you. >> we saw some video from the ring ceremony. later in sports, more on that electric moment. one that fans cannot forget.
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>> you can relive the hall of fame ring ceremony for memorial stadium. we pulled a video from 1992 of our shelf and posted it on our website. be sure to click on sports. it is official. the dream act is going to referendum. the state board of election has certified 63,000 signatures. more than the 55,000 needed to put the issue on the ballot. they want voters to overturn the law providing higher tuition rates for undocumented students. >> we will have to fight the lies and misinformation and the frivolous lawsuits that might be coming from the opposition. a lot about of state money. when this goes on the ballot in november of 2012, the people will win. >> the delegate said this was the most successful petition
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drive in the state history. an historic space mission is set for tomorrow. well atlantis launch is planned? while nasa says the outlook is not looking so good. >> i am the one that runs the place. i have nothing to say. >> a bar owned by a local lawmaker was raided. we investigate despite some push back. >> flash flood warnings and watches in effect. tropical downpours move through and there'h
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>> atlantis is on the launch pad. there is a 70% chance that thunderstorms will force the shuttle to stay on the ground. becoming the final list of clients american space program. you can see some of the best pictures of the shuttle launches over the years. our photo gallery is on our web site, ."
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some of the homes are without power. a water main broke in east norther n parkway. a complaint that an owner is paying off machines. why the allegations could cost thousands of dollars. >> baltimore county police raided the bar on june 29 and executed a warrant based on an illegal gambling complain and confiscated five electronic gaming devices. no arrests have been made and no charges filed. it is owned by a democrat representing donyell.
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public records indicate he is listed as one of the property owners. the delicate did not return our calls. we tried to reach him in person. we do not know the nature of the business but it may have involved lots of cash. several stacks of bills could be seen piled on the table. the gentleman approaching identified himself as daniel minnick. >> according to the liquor board, a minnick's is in good standing. the state comptroller's office offered -- conducted a crackdown on gaming machines. he was quoted as saying he removed four machines from his bar when the crackdown was announced but "everyone else put them back so we put them back in." it does not mean a great deal,
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he said but there are some small bars that do not serve food and they have regular customers though the machines keep those places open. he said he paid $800 a year to baltimore county to operate each machine. are owners advertise video gaming machines are for amusement only. >> now your love and insta- weatherplus forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> the warm and humid weather triggered heavy showers and thunderstorms. this is fairly common in low- lying areas. heavy showers and storms, a couple inches in spots. barry careful, never tried to cross a flooded road way. it takes a few inches of water to cause problems. the showers and storms will taper off and we see some big storms through the area. especially in baltimore county. a storm that is drifting north. this has prompted the weather system to issue a flood warning
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until 2:15 a.m. the center of the storm is drifting off to the northeast. a mile and a half northwest of to ammonium. harford ving toward county as well. more storms in the western maryland mountains had this way. in southern pennsylvania, some scattered showers and thunderstorms. there will continue to generate downpours as we head over to the into night -- overnight. there is one of these storms, that area indicates 4 inches of rain in anne arundel county, southern baltimore city in the pack -- pockets of green are healthy rainfall amounts as well. slow-moving storms loaded with moisture means flooding is possible. a flood watch covers western and
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central maryland. right around the area. you can see the wide range of rainfall totals. 0.1 of 1 inch but that is not too far from where there is several inches of rain. 1.5 inches of rain at the inner harbor. temperatures 95 degrees to 98 degrees. 79 downtown baltimore. 80 at the naval academy. warm and humid in the morning. some showers will linger. the sun coming up act 5:47 a.m. it will stall across the region and generate more showers and storms tomorrow. some of them could be heavy with locally heavy downpours. more showers and storms and early saturday morning, but the front moves south and with any luck, the skies will clear out saturday and sunday. a gorgeous day. we have one more day of this
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unsettled weather. showers and storms tore. high temperatures anyone -- 81 to 86. deep creek.s to mariettat a 70% chance tomorrow and the same scenario if you're headed for the beach. maybe a little unsettled. a shower or thunderstorm tomorrow into the first half of saturday and sunshine returns and sunday looks beautiful. 83 on sunday. storms tomorrow and sunshine returns for the weekend. temperatures near 90. it will turn less humid and feel more comfortable even with those warm temperature saturday and sunday. mondayy in the low 90's 9 and tuesday. the orioles in a giving mood at fenway. stay tuned.
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>> since superbowl, v, when was there. john mackey raced 75 yards to
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the touchdown. >> one of the indelible moments in super bowl history. john mackey going 75 yards against the cowboys. most of the time they caught the ball and ran over or around any defense, leaving everyone watching a maze. john mackey became the prototype tight end and so much more. passing today at the age of 69. his numbers fell well back in but he dominated. a complete player that change the way everyone lookked at tight ends. mackey gave football fans every moment to cheer. -- a real moment to chair. >> for bringing me back into baltimore, to be at memorial stadium one more time.
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[cheers and applause] one more time to it with my family and friends with the greatest of all players in the national football league. the baltimore colts. >> still get chills there. the ravens' owner on john mackey. "we are tremendously sad about the death of john mackey. i was fortunate to get to know john and sylvia personally and i was struck by her love and loyalty to the difficult times of his illness. he set the standards by which titans are measured on the field and he will be missed by his family but the entire baltimore command a." "i am mourning the loss and my
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deepest condolences go out to the family. he revolutionized the tide in position and he laid the groundwork for players." opening up a four game series in fenway. they opened up a 2-0 lead. it was the unleashing. arietta.s off jacke bottom five. bottom six. a two-run. debut. fenway
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[ male announcer ] that's why you need the internet rated #1 for supporting multiple users and devices simultaneously. verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-tty/v. >> we have a final check on the weather. >> watch for heavy thunderstorms during the day tomorrow. some could produce locally heavy rain. a couple inches could fall in a short time with some of the slow-moving storms. it should clear up early saturday and most of the weekend looks nice. still warm but less humid. once we get through the tropical downpours, things look good for saturday and sunday. >> warm and less humid. >> the perfect scenario. >> that is a look at the news. thanks for joining as. jay leno is next. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the captioned by the ca [ female announcer ] keurig brews more than just hot coffee.
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